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Why Your Support Matters

Hugh’s Room Live is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting the music community. Hugh’s Room Live has been a registered charity since 2019 and your support is the essential element in ensuring our continued growth and support of our music community. 

Every dollar donated  is eligible for a tax receipt which you’ll receive immediately when donating through Canada Helps.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor at any level. A monthly donation of $20 goes a long way to supporting our day-day-operations, enabling us to keep presenting the music, and supporting the artists you love.


Our Mortgagees

We purchased 296 Broadview in early July, 2023 without any support from government, and without any conventional financing.
Instead, our financing came from people who knew us, shared our vision, and were willing to trust that we could succeed.
They are:

Marina Stefanovic
Our vendor,  who had always wanted the building to be a music centre. In mid-June, she called, offering a $500K vendor-take-back mortgage.

Broadview Faith Centre
The congregation that conducts worship services in the building on Sundays. They agreed to lend us $700K interest free, in return for use of the building for their worship.

Our Bondholders

The following are our bondholders who, collectively, bought $1.3M of Hugh’s Bonds.
Their support was key to our acquiring 296 Broadview. We are grateful.

Shawn & Nancy Brayman
Mike Brigham
Alan Broadbent
Mary Brock
Jennifer Collins
Lynn Eakin & David Young
Janet Forbes
John C. Forde
Daina Green & Barry Lipton
Ed Hale & Edith Looker
Bill Heffernan
Brian Iler
Samir & Linda Ishak
Fred Knittel
Gary Luftspring
Bill Morris & Sharon Bennett
MJ Perry
Josh Phillips
David & Birgitte Robertson
Michael Runciman
Tonya Surman
David Walsh
Colin Yee
Bill Young


Our Donors

Over 1,000 donors responded generously to our ask to help us buy our permanent home.
We are immensely honoured by their support.

They are:

Over $100,000
Jim Thomas

$25,000  to $100,000
Nona Heaslip
Tony Comper

$10,000 to $25,000
Jay Mowat & Claire Booker
David Walsh

$5,000 to $10,000
Alan Broadbent
Mary Mowbray

If you would like to join these generous individuals in supporting the growth of the new Hugh’s Room Live,
please contact our Board Chair Brian Iler at: chair@hughsroomlive.com

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Charitable Number

73001 8496 RR0001