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Celebrated music legacy.

Unlimited potential.

Among Toronto’s music venues, Hugh’s Room Live has always stood apart – a space where musicians can be heard, giving voice to Canadian and international artists. Since 2001, Hugh’s Room has hosted thousands of emerging artists, rising stars, and iconic musicians from here at home and around the world. Today, as the music industry responds to massive structural changes brought on by the pandemic, technological innovation, and other factors, Hugh’s Room Live is presenting hundreds of incredible shows in a wonderful new home. We’ve adapted, we’re growing, and we’re investing in the future. Our vision is to be recognized as the leading intimate concert venue for established and emerging artists and the music centre of our community. And we have dreams of being so much more.

Project Details

Keeping the music live.

Securing our own venue was always the only path to success and the growth of Hugh’s Room Live. In July 2023, we bought our new home at 296 Broadview Avenue. We did it through community-based and grassroots financing. We did it thanks to you. In our new home, we want to do and be everything we were before – the best listening room in Toronto for fans and the great artists who grace our stage. But we have even bigger plans. Our goal is to become the hub for Toronto’s diverse music community. Our new venue will allow us to engage more fully with community groups and partners, offer educational programs, studio space and masterclasses, and provide opportunities for artists from all disciplines and all communities.

Because the music matters.

We have an ambitious goal of raising $2.8 million, including up to $1.3 million in Community Bonds, and we need your support. With the funds raised through the sale of Hugh’s Bonds, as well as donations from our loyal and valued supporters, we will discharge the private mortgage debt we took on to finance the purchase of 296 Broadview Avenue and come one step closer to ensuring Hugh’s Room’s long-term sustainability. Hugh’s Room Live has chosen Community Bonds – Hugh’s Bonds – as part of our funding mix. They’re your chance to invest in something you love and earn a return. And Hugh’s Bonds keep funds in the hands of our community.



Purchase Date

About Us

Among Toronto music venues, Hugh’s Room live has always stood alone – a wonderful quiet space where musicians could be heard. A place that gives voice to the broad ‘roots’ canon of North American and Global Music representing our rich multicultural fab­ric. 

Since opening the doors at 296 Broadview Avenue last September, we’ve been a dynamic force for live music, bringing positive energy to the Toronto music sceneand our community.

  • Over 100 Shows
  • Over 700 Artists
  • 50+ Volunteers
  • Over 2000 Supporters.
  • 20,000+ Music Lovers

The Investment

What are Hugh's Bonds?

Hugh’s Room Live has chosen community bonds – Hugh’s Bonds – as part of our funding mix. These bonds are secured by a first mortgage security on our property at 296 Broadview. They’re your chance to invest in something you love and earn a return. And Hugh’s Bonds keep funds in the hands of our community.

How will interest be paid?

Interest is paid on an annual basis by direct deposit. 

Is there a deadline to invest?

We have set a target of September 30, 2024 for reaching our $1.3M goal.


Raise Goal: $1,300,000

Investment Options

Hugh’s Bond B

3% Annual Interest

5 Year Term
Minimum $1,000

Interest paid annually

Hugh’s Bond C

3.5% Annual Interest

5 Year Term
Minimum $5,000

Interest paid annually

Hugh’s Bond D

4% Annual Interest

5 Year Term
Minimum $25,000

Interest paid annually

Project Team

Brian Iler, Board Chair

Brian is a cofounder of Iler Campbell LLP, a community organizations activist, cofounder of the Northwind Folk Festival, and music lover who has played an integral part in bringing back Hugh’s Room Live.

Jim Thomas, President

A Director of HRL since 2019, Jim is a jazz flautist who has decades of senior management experience in business and government, including Ontario Deputy Minister positions. 

Michael Booth, Executive Director

A former policy advisor on Cultural Industries to Toronto Mayor David Miller, Michael brings decades of experience in senior level arts and not-for-profit administration, space and venue management.

Michael Capotosto, Treasurer

In addition to holding multiple past CFO positions in the hospitality industry, including expansions of Prime Restaurants and The Great Canadian Bagel, Michael is a Toronto musician who plays with several bands and serves as the Hugh’s Room Live Board as Treasurer.

Barbara Jesson, Board Member

A seasoned marketing strategist, Barbara brings a wealth of Marketing and Communications expertise to the Board. She has worked with many of the world’s leading brands including Lufthansa, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Lockheed Martin, Labatts, Glenfiddich and Japan Tourism. Barbara chairs the Hugh’s Room Live Marketing Committee.

Mary Mowbray, Chair, Fundraising Committee

Mary is a Senior Vice President with Colliers International and an industry leader, recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for her expertise and success.  She is a past Co-Chair of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and a past President of Toronto CREW.  She is passionate about the environment, learning, and her music loving daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are community bonds?

A community bond is an interest-bearing loan that a non-profit, charity, or co-operative can issue to support a project they are undertaking. Individuals and organizations can purchase bonds and earn interest, and their investments support projects that generate social, cultural, and/or environmental returns. Community bonds have been used successfully by many types of organizations, typically in conjunction with other forms of financing like mortgages and lines of credit.

What are the benefits?

By purchasing a Hugh’s Bond you are playing a key part in our efforts to support artists in our community, building capacity in and making improvements to our new home – all while earning a financial return.

How is interest Paid?

Interest is paid on an annual basis by direct deposit. 

How will the bonds be repaid?

Hugh’s Room For The Performing Arts has gone through extensive financial planning to ensure that bond principal can be repaid to investors upon maturity. The Offering Statement which includes the Business Plan with all of these details will be sent to you when you complete the purchase request form.

Who else has used community bonds?

 Many other social enterprises and charities across Canada have used community financing and community bonds successfully. Tapestry Community Capital have supported other organizations as they raised over $110 million dollars from nearly 4000 investors.

Many other not-for-profit and co-operative organizations have financed their projects using Community Bonds, including the Centre for Social Innovation, Guelph Trillium Waldorf School, Argonaut Rowing Club, Places for People Haliburton, SolarShare, Earth Day Canada, Habitat for Humanity Guelph, 10C, and YWCA Toronto.

What if I have an emergency and I need my money back before the term is up?

Bondholders may request a repayment of bond principal in times of hardship, subject to the availability of replacement capital and/or funds within the organization and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

How are community bonds taxed?

Interest earned from a community bond is taxed as regular Investment Income from Canadian Sources. Consult with a tax accountant for your individual case.

Tapestry Community Capital will support Hugh’s Room in preparing, filing and issuing T5/RL-3 Statements of Investment Income and will send them annually to investors via a secure electronic PDF on our behalf.

Will I be able to add a beneficiary for my community bond?

While beneficiaries cannot be created for community bonds, investors will be given the opportunity to add a joint investor when purchasing through the online portal.

Will I be able to purchase a bond on behalf of or in someone else’s name as a gift?

Community bonds may be purchased on behalf of a minor or as a gift. Investors will be given the opportunity to do so when you purchase your investment through the online portal.

How do I know my information is safe after it has been collected?

Tapestry’s online Investment Portal and Investment Management system is a closed, encrypted system. All traffic between the client and server is SSL-encrypted with a signed certificate issued by a third-party certificate authority (COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA). All database files on the server are encrypted at rest.

The server is hosted in a secure data centre in Canada. All data changes are logged in an audit trail and only key Tapestry staff have access to this data.


For more information on Tapestry’s Privacy Code please visit: http://tapestrycapital.ca

Questions? Contact us at support@hughsroomlive.com or 647-347-4769