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Hugh’s Room Live Community Bonds

What is a community bond?

Community bonds are a relatively new financing tool available to charities (like Hugh’s Room) and other non-profits and co-operatives. They are often used to partially finance their acquisition of real estate. A bond is a promise to pay, and is secured by a mortgage held by a trustee for the bondholders.

Our new  community bond campaign, is advised  by a non-profit, Tapestry Community Capital, that has had great success advising campaigns for other organizations (Our Chair, Brian Iler, is a founder, and director, of Tapestry.)

What is offered?

Bonds up to $1.3 million will be available for purchase shortly. Like donations, your purchase is a tangible way to express your support of Hugh’s Room Live, by investing in the great live music we present.

We are offering  two series of bonds (we’re calling them Hugh’s Bonds Series 2 and 3 – series 1 was issued last year). Both will be five year terms.  Both will be secured by a first mortgage on our building at 296 Broadview.  Series 2 has a minimum purchase of $1000 and will pay 3.5% annually.  Series 3 will require a minimum purchase of $5000 and will pay 4%. There is no maximum – you can purchase as many of these as you want or are able.  As soon as they are available for purchase, we will let you know and you can purchase them here.