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When Hugh’s Room Live resolved to enlarge its focus from a performance venue to a music-focussed community centre, we also resolved to undertake an inclusive approach to the creation of facilities and programming in our new space. We took the time during restrictions on live performances to consult and collaborate with other agencies, organizations, businesses and services. We did this to find a new model that would continue the singular experience of live performance while building an institution committed to fostering creativity and meeting a need in the broader music community for access to artistic space and audiences.

Artists are at the core of what we do. So, as we look to write the next chapter in the Hugh’s Room Live story, we naturally began by consulting with artists. Quisha Wint, a member of the Hugh’s Room Board, advised that most artists consider Hugh’s Room Live to be one of the more inclusive performance venues. We learned from others who had either performed at HRL or who aspired to perform on our stage that this was a common sentiment in Indigenous and sexually and gender oppressed communities. We are tremendously proud of this legacy, have continued it through our current programming and pledge that it will remain an integral part of all that Hugh’s Room Live does moving forward

Our goal is to provide a space for all communities to engage with music creation, education and performance. We will provide a space of independent physical accessibility to individuals who face barriers in other spaces. We will give voice to the lived experiences of our communities. We are committed to continue including all within the institutions that is Hugh’s Room Live; and we are determined be known as a centre of community inclusion and artistic expression.

We will be a home for everyone’s stories.

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