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For information on the artists featured below, just click on “BUY TICKETS” then on the “EVENT INFO” tab on the right.

You will not be committing to purchase tickets.

Please also note that ticket prices as listed do not inlcude fees and taxes. We charge a $5 facility fee that supports the maintenance and improvement of our building – including ongoing upgrades to lighting and sound we expect to be complete later this spring. The other fee (approx $3) is charged by our ticket service provider – Showpass. They are a Canadian company and have been very supportive of us and individual artists. Their fees are considerably less than other ticket platforms. There is also HST on top of this amount. A $30 ticket is $38.13 before HST.

We know no one likes fees but be assured that $5 Facility Fee is going right into projects at 296 Broadview to support artists and improve the experience for our audiences.

$40.00 CAD
Thu Nov 14, 2024
8:00 PM - 10:50 PM EDT

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