Visual Art

Larry Rossignol
Larry Rossignol takes the viewer on a surrealist journey that reimagines both the most commonplace and iconic clichés of the New York experience. With playfulness and wit, the series reminds us of both the absurd and the sublime aspects of everyday life. Rossignol captures moments that are true, that are documentary, and then fragments, manipulates and reshapes them as stories and fictions that create a new reality.

Rossignol’s images mirror and subvert our memories of New York, forcing the viewer to redefine space, time and place. His work is an ingenious commentary on city life and, much like the character of Gulliver in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, creates an account of his travels that illuminates how we see the the city in startling new ways.

Rossignol creates a world where swans swim in stairwells inside the MET, runners jog on top of New York subway cars and a nearly naked man wanders around a deserted city hall . He captures a New York that is both familiar and unsettling. Sometimes ironic, often bizarre, and occasionally literally upside down, Rossignol’s abstractions of New York find beauty and harmony in the cracks, the chaos and fragmented quality of both our own memories of New York and his, as redeployed and filtered through the artist’s unfettered imagination.

As a self taught artist, the depth and penetrating images of  Rossignol’s world are attracting private and public collectors all over Toronto. His presence and oeuvre will only continue to expand from here.


Toronto-based photographer, Larry Rossignol is making an impression on the contemporary art scene. Rossignol has been in the arts for over 30 years in a career spanning graphic design, music and fine art. Following his retirement from his Toronto-based design firm, Rossignol now devotes his time to the lense; shooting images and manipulating them to create new realities. He earned a BA and LLB from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario as well as being honoured with the Tricolour Award, the highest non-academic prize awarded at the university. As a designer Rossignol created memorable identity programs and marketing for clients in the arts, entertainment and culture. He also founded Fringe Jazz Toronto and was artistic director of the Distillery Jazz Festival for three years. His photos of everday life in India, China and South America have been published in travel and educational publications for almost thirty years.