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Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

Sunday, November 10, 2019 | 7:00pm

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque
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How did Jane Bunnett and Maqueque evolve – in less than five years – from a project to support and honor the new generation of young women jazz players and composers, to a Grammy nominated, critically acclaimed band that is in demand internationally at major Jazz festivals?

This all-female collective is led by veteran jazz icon, soprano saxophone player, flautist, composer and proud Canadian Jane Bunnett. With five Juno awards, three Grammy nominations and an Officer of the Order of Canada (Canadas highest civilian award) Jane decided to dedicate herself to taking Maqueque to the world.

With hard work, virtuosity and chemistry, presented to audiences with power and joy, the dream is alive and thriving!

Their third release, On Firm Ground/Tierra Firme, is a bold testament to the strength and originality of Jane Bunnett and Maqueque.

“This band sounds like no other today in Jazz.” – DOWN BEAT magazine, which voted Jane Bunnett and Maqueque as one of the Top 10 Jazz Groups in its most recent Critic’s Poll.

Prior to recording On Firm Ground, the group went from strength to strength touring contantly from Canada’ s Yukon to Colombia, Brazil, Cuba and Panama to major US Jazz festivals and clubs including Newport, Monterey, Saratoga, Birdland and Lincoln Center.

NPRs Jazz Night in America did a one hour feature (“The New Queens of Afro Cuban Jazz”) on Maqueque.

A New Yorker magazine piece titled “The New Vanguard of Women in Cuban Jazz,” featuring members of Maqueque, describes Jane’s role as a mentor and inspiration to this burgeoning scene of young women in Cuba.

And Maqueque’s first two European tours cemented their reputation internationally.

There are lots of surprise on the new recording.

A recent collaborator, Sacred Steel guitar player and vocalist Nikki D Brown, comes from the Church and hails from Toledo, Ohio.

She contributes fiery steel and soulful vocals to “On Firm Ground” and melancholy playing and Vocals on “Broken Heart.”

Dayme Arocena (a founding member and inspiration for the group) is full on for this recording and offers her composition “Mysteries of Jane’s House,” showing how in a few short years she has become one of the bright lights and biggest stars in Afro Cuban Jazz.

All the group members wrote a piece for the new recording.

Pianist Danae Olano wrote three compositions and has becomes Jane’s closest collaborator. Her playing and composition skills have blossomed and her pieces represent the heart and soul of this third Maqueque recording.

Other highlights include three new Jane Bunnett compositions, including “Monkey See, Monkey Do” with lyrics by past member Melvis Santa, who adds her vocals throughout the CD.

Producer Larry Cramer contributes a stunning take on John Coltrane’s “Moment’s Notice,” done in a conga style and clocking in just under three minutes.

Drummer Yissy Garcia is the heartbeat and power that propels Maqueque along, especially  with new members Mary Paz on percussion and bassist Tailin Marrero, who adds a beautiful acoustic bass sound.

Another surprise is the addition of our newest member, Joanna Majoko, an incredibly soulful vocalist whose roots are in Zimbabwe and who immediately connected with the Maqueque groove.

Maqueque is on the move and I hope you come along for the ride!


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Celebrate 90: A Night of Music

Saturday, October 26, 2019 | 8:30pm

Celebrate 90
Featuring Sheila Jordan, Jane Bunnett, Larry Cramer, Teri Roiger, John Menegon, Michael Menegon
$25 Advance / $30 Door *

The New York Times says that, “Sheila Jordan’s ballad performances are simply beyond the emotional and expressive capabilities of most other vocalist“. Her iconic position within the world of Jazz singers is undisputed and ” she is one the Jazz world’s best kept secrets” – Blue Note.

Sheila Jordan will help celebrate her friend Al Menegon’s 90th birthday along with the Menegon Brothers and Teri Roiger (vocals), Jane Bunnett (sax/flute) and Larry Cramer (trumpet).



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Ken Whiteley’s Gospel Brunch: Sacred Steel

Sunday, March 31, 2019 | 2:00pm

Ken Whiteley’s Gospel Brunch: Sacred Steel
Advance $25.00  /Door $30.00 *

“Sacred steel is one of the most exciting forms of music today and Nikki D. Brown and her sisters are some of the most amazing proponents of the style. I first met Nikki through Toronto’s jazz luminary, Jane Bunnett, who had invited her to come and jam with some of Cuba’s best young jazz women. Powerhouse blues vocalist and songwriter Shakura S’Aida is no stranger to Sacred steel as she regularly employs Chuck Campbell to play steel guitar in her band. I’m delighted to have her back on this show with us as we explore a unique afternoon of original and traditional gospel and blues.”  ~ Ken Whiteley

Below is a look into the performers coming to play this Sunday.

Nikki D. and the Sisters of Thunder
Nicolle “Nikki D” Brown and her sisters, all singers from an early age, grew up in the House of God church in Toledo, Ohio. Their parents, Rev. Curtis Brown and Ruth Brown, encouraged them to learn various musical instruments and eventually forming the Brown Family Singers in the 1970s. Nikki D gravitated to the steel guitar, and has become not only an accomplished steel guitarist in her church but one of only a few female guitarists in the Sacred Steel tradition. As one reviewer wrote, “She’s the perfect combination of chops and showmanship. If Jimi Hendrix played Sacred Steel, he’d sound and act like Nikki D.” Joining Nikki are four of her sisters: Gloria Brown (lead guitar), Chayla Brown (drums), Tomika Webb (bass guitar), and Belinda Brown (vocals).

Shakura S’Aida

You may have spotted Brooklyn-born, Swiss-raised and Canadian-based Shakura S’Aida-pronounce her name “Shack-ooo-ra Sigh-ee-da”— performing at Festivals in Dubai, Europe, Australia, Rwanda or Russia, on the Legendary Blues Cruise; with her new symphony orchestra concert, “Blues in G Minor: 4 Women”, featuring the blues music of Etta James, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, in her 4 woman tribute to Nina Simone, “The Nina Project” or acting in TV shows such as Lost Girl, Schitt’s Creek or Flashpoint. From her beginnings as the world music band Kaleefah’s lead singer, this versatile vocalist and consummate entertainer has blown audiences away with her scorching vocal style, uncanny ability to deliver powerful original songs and to get deep into the guts of the most venerable standard.

Shakura’s long-simmering career initially moved into high gear in 2008 with a triumph at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, when she earned the runner-up position, competing against more than 100 bands from more than 20 different countries.

Shakura S’Aida has consistently been thrilling audiences with her powerful pipes for years, most recently as a guest host on CBC Radio 2’s Weekend Morning. As a veteran of the international music scene, she’s performed both as a featured artist with musicians like Jimmy Smith, Lee Oskar (WAR), Bettye LaVette and Keb Mo’, as well as an award winning solo artist.


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