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Brock Zeman + David Olney

Thursday, March 28, 2019 | 8:30pm

Brock Zeman + David Olney
Advance $25.00 / Door $30.00 *

David Olney
“Americana Pioneer” singer-songwriter/recording artist, stream-caster and actor David Olney is well-known worldwide for his indelible songs and powerful live performances.

One listen to the brand new album, “This Side or The Other,” and you’ll know David Olney is a man familiar with the wandering life and yearning heart of a poet. After more than 30 years in music, he’s had as many incarnations as you can imagine. His resume has expanded to include acting, poetry and a popular weekly streamcast. All of this adds to Olney’s strength as a songwriter’s songwriter, and one of Nashville’s founding fathers of Americana music.

…There’s a lived-in authenticity to David Olney’s voice that is beyond so many of the young pretenders around these days. Beneath the gruff exterior lies a big heart capable of tenderness… He is the real deal.”

Brock Zeman
When it comes to storytelling, Brock Zeman is a master craftsman. The Canada-based singer-songwriter has spent the past 12 years carving and chiseling Americana soundscapes, drawing from roots-rock and alternative country. But what separates Zeman from his contemporaries isn’t a willingness to speak truth – it’s his unwillingness to conform to the rules of Nashville and the traditional framework of genre. What gives Zeman’s stories force isn’t that he’s just singing a narrative – he’s living it.

Over the course of his career, Zeman has released 12 studio albums, one live record, toured North America extensively and received praise from numerous press outlets. “His songs have more depth than can be realized first time through, which only enhances with each listen,” wrote Penguin Eggs. Zeman has also won a slew of songwriting awards, including 2nd place at both 2016’s Unsigned Only Competition as well as the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for his track “Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back.” In 2017 he returned to ISC as a finalist with his song “Dead Man’s Shoes.”

I was inspired to write from the feeling I got when I listened to music,” Zeman recalls about his childhood. “I always hoped I could pass on the same overwhelming feeling to others.

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David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana
Advance $20 / Door $25 *

Award-winning trumpeter and composer, David Buch­binder, teams up with a crew of top jazz and world musicians to present this exhilirating, unprecedented project of musical discovery: the Jewish-Cuban connec­tion. David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana presents “deli­cately textured and dazzlingly tuneful music, with power­ful, swinging and lyrical playing“, that is “passionate, dancing and completely irresistable.” Arising out of the musical ferment of the most diverse city on the planet­Toronto-this truly original sound is a collaboration between the writing of Buchbinder and Grammy­nominated Cuban piano master Hilario Duran, and the band of killer musicians. Together, these forces take audiences on a journey of cross-cultural discovery, that consistenlty engages, challenges and delights.

While the cities and cultures of Odessa and Havana might seem many miles apart, their musical associations are many-faceted, multi-layered and rich indeed; rooted in their common ancestry in medieval Andalusia and sharing Arabic, Roma (Gypsy), Sephardic and North African forbearers. The two musics already share haunting minor modalities, improvi­satory flourishes, a strong rhythmic drive and deeply spiritual underpinnings. And both musical traditions have long since proven their suitability for creative adaptation, serving as a kind of “raw material” for musical development (Latin jazz, modern klezmer/”Radical Jewish Culture”). Buchbinder and Duran’s compositions explore these commonalities as they break new ground, and the recent inclusion of their special arrangements of Sephardic songs have taken the music to a new level of richness. Without a doubt, Odessa/Havana’s compelling and powerful performances will bring your audience a peak musical experience, guaranteed!

Odessa/Havana’s two CDs have been beautifully received, hailed as outstanding in both the World Music and Jazz realms. Walk to the Sea was recently honoured with a JUNO Award (Canadian Grammy) and the group’s self-titled debut CD nabbed a Canadian Folk Music Award, while the two recordings (released internationally on the Tzadik label), have received well over 100 rave reviews. The band has toured across North America, playing to sold-out houses in every venue, and was at the core of David Buchbinder’s multi-disciplinary creation Andalusia to Toronto, commissioned by one of Canada’s greatest venues, Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Now, on the heels of the release of their sophomore CD, they are ready to take on touring the world, and Hugh’s Room Live is happy to play host to this one-of-a-kind performance to help kick off the live music calendar in 2019.

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