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Kalon Hart CD Release

Thursday, July 11, 2019 | 8:30PM

Kalon Hart CD Release featuring Ben Heffernan
Advance: $15.00 / Doors: $20.00

Kalon Hart
Kalon Hart’s gentle acoustic songs connect to the spirit, but are rooted in the earth, and forged in the crucible of human experience. Using his songwriting as a personal healing tool, he is a disciple of “emotional judo”, redirecting traumatic memories into parables of light. Kalon Hart is the alter ego of composer, multi-instrumentalist, and four-time JUNO nominee Rob Teehan (Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Heavyweights Brass Band, The Boxcar Boys), who moved to Los Angeles from Toronto four years ago in search of transformation and growth, and has since been working on major TV shows including “Elementary” and “Jessica Jones”.  This show celebrates the release of his debut album, “Love Is Surrender”.

Ben Heffernan
Ben Heffernan is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from London, Ontario. After winning the Taylor Mitchell Bursary at Folk Music Ontario around the release of his first EP, Different Wars, Heffernan followed it up in 2018 with the release of another 3-song collection, “Home”, his first Ontario tour, and appearances at various Canadian folk festivals including Winnipeg Folk Festival. His cover of Tom Petty’s Angel Dream was included on the Canada Covers Tom Petty compilation, alongside artists such as Terra Lightfoot, Matt Mays, and Royal Wood. Angel Dream received airplay on CBC, Sirius XM, and acclaim from Spill Magazine, who called the cover “incredible”. The future appears to be bright for this young artist, who is determined to continue to build his name and to establish himself as an exciting emerging singer-songwriter.

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Ariana Gillis

Saturday, June 29, 2019 | 8:30PM

Ariana Gillis CD Release
Advance $25.00 / Door: $30.00 *

Ariana’s soulful talent has taken up elite residency in what constitutes the very best that songwriting has to offer. On the cusp of 20 years old she was composing material that was outrageously original, melodic and passionate. Now under the wing of multi-talented Americana everyman Buddy Miller the stars are aligned and Ariana Gillis will prove through these recordings that she is no flash in the pan flavor of the month but a force to be reckoned with now and for a very long time.”  -Bernie Taupin (Lyricist of Elton John)

Hailing from just outside Toronto, Ariana Gillis began taking singing lessons at the age of six, but she was hardly thrilled. So, her father encouraged her to write her own material and learn to play the guitar. An award-winning songwriter himself, he gave her invaluable insight into the process.

Gillis made an immediate impact on the Niagara music scene, and the Canadian Folk music scene, winning Songwriter of the Year at the 2009 Niagara Music Awards, followed by Female Vocalist and Album of the Year in 2010, as well as 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award, Young Performer of the Year. She networked at music conferences, which led to a quick, two-song performance for Dave Marsh in a stairwell in Memphis, following the release of her second album, Forget Me Not. Marsh then played Gillis on his Sirius XM radio show, which caught the attention of Elton John’s songwriting partner which in turn, led to Buddy Miller.

The Maze

Fast forward a year later — Buddy witnessed Ariana perform at the City Winery in Nashville experiencing first hand the conviction and power of her song writing, singing and stage presence.  This led to further conversations and ultimately brought them together to create the album, “The Maze”. Recorded live-off-the-floor in Nashville at Buddy’s studio – this album features lyrics and performances that feel both natural and strangely unique all at once.

I’ve never seen an unknown performer with more power as when I saw Ariana. I couldn’t stop talking about her. She may be the best new emerging artist anywhere.” – Writer – Rock Critic – Historian, Dave Marsh

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Andrea Koziol and Bill Brennan CD Release

Sunday, June 23, 2019 | 8:30PM

Andrea Koziol and Bill Brennan CD Release
Advance $20.00 / Door $25.00 *

Vocalist Andrea Koziol and pianist Bill Brennan met a very long time ago at a most illustrious birthday party for a one year old Newfoundlander. Early into their very first conversation they realized that they were a jazz match made in heaven. It wasn’t long before they were booking gigs together in Toronto’s finest jazz concert venues, roots and jazz festivals across the country, and making regular live appearances on the CBC. They gathered a loyal fan base, made a critically acclaimed independent CD, collaborated with some of the city’s finest players, toured in borrowed cars, slept in bathtubs, wrote and arranged music together till all hours of the morning, and generally lived like kings. Eventually, their own musical careers carried them in different bright and beautiful directions, but despite their physical distance they continued to collaborate on projects whenever possible.

In 2018 they joined forces once again on a jazz recording project celebrating everything that brought them together in the first place. It’s a collection of music that spans almost 100 years of fantastic songwriting, performed by musicians who are not afraid to explore and improvise and jump from any cliff they can find. It’s a spirited conversation full of flat 13s between the best of friends…and they hope you enjoy eavesdropping.

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Miss Emily

Saturday, June 15, 2019 | 8:30PM

Miss Emily
Advance: $25.00 / Doors: $30.00

In the 1990’s a 12 year-old Emily Fennell was making her way around Southern Ontario, singing at county fairs and winning competition after competition. She was literally finding her voice. While the other young vocalists were dazzling crowds with standards like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “I Will Always Love You,” Emily was stunning judges and audiences into silent amazement with K.D. Lang’s version of the Patsy Cline song “3 Cigarettes and an Ashtray”. That song choice and her spellbinding performance of it, says almost all you need to know about the woman who would become Miss Emily. She is never predictable and always willing to take a risk.

Her music spans genres, crosses barriers and creates bridges. Her voice soars to emotional heights and reaches down into the grittiness of the soul. Her performances are foot-stomping, heart-wrenching adventures in rhythm, blues, jazz and rock and roll. For 15 years Miss Emily has captivated listeners across Canada, the US and the United Kingdom with her unique combination of passion and talent.

That passion and talent was cultivated by an unparalleled work ethic. It began with playing night after night after night in bars and nightclubs where she learned her trade and gained a loyal following. Later, she graduated to regional theatres and starred in several Broadway-style shows. This willingness to step outside her comfort zone and learn new techniques paid off by giving her opportunities to become a regular at large outdoor venues like Ottawa Bluesfest. Then, in 2011 in front of 25,000 people outside the tiny town of Bobcaygeon she opened for The Tragically Hip and began a relationship that would change the direction of her career.

Miss Emily’s new record takes the listener on a tour of her experiences and musical influences under the guidance of The Hip’s Gord Sinclair as producer/co-writer/bass player and bandmate Rob Baker as lead guitarist/co-writer.

In Between featuring Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker is the fifth album from Miss Emily. It’s a record that beckons the listener to walk with her as she soulfully strolls the humid streets of Memphis, wanders across the jazz-cool avenues of New York City or dances through raucous and funky block parties in Motown.

One listen and you’ll be compelled to join Miss Emily, Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker on a journey that reveals the vast emotions of love, loss, joyful redemption and everything In Between.

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James Hill & Anne Janelle CD Release

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | 8:30pm

When She Met He CD Release
Advance $25.00 / Door: $30.00 *

Four strings and a favourite chocolate bar: that’s all James Hill  “possibly the best ukulele player in the world” (Waikato Times)  and Anne Janelle  “a cellist of true beauty” (Ottawa Citizen)  had in common when they first met. It was more than enough. Today, they’re an award-winning, “utterly world-class” singer-songwriter-ukulele-cello duo (Paul Symes, The Blacksheep Inn).

It’s true: opposites attract. James grew up playing folk, jazz and blues on his ukulele while Anne was exclusively a classical cellist. But the pair’s differences quickly became their biggest asset. The uke is high, the cello is low; the uke plays short notes, the cello long bow strokes; the uke is all about strumming while the cello radiates melody. Like shadows and light in an old photograph, these contrasts are complementary. “We’re like a pair of dancers who can’t step on each other’s feet,” jokes James.

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Leela GIlday Single Release

Friday, May 10, 2019 | 8:30PM

Leela Gilday
Advance $15.00 / Door $20.00 *

If you’re from the North, Leela Gilday’s music is home. If you’ve never been, it will take you there. Born and raised in the Northwest Territories, she writes about the people and the land that created her. The power in her voice conveys the depth of her feelings of love and life in a rugged environment and vibrant culture, as if it comes straight from that earth. Leela’s family is from Délįne on the shore of Great Bear Lake and her rich vocals dance across the rhythmic beats of traditional Dene drumming as smoothly as a bass line onstage the largest venues in the country. And she has played them all.

Leela has toured festivals and concert halls with her four-piece band through every province and territory in Canada. She has played in the United States, Greenland, Denmark and New Zealand and this year embarked on an ambitious European tour. Her live shows are where she connects with fans who have followed her on a 20-year career and where new fans are born. She reaches into their hearts and feels the energy of every person in front of her as she guides them on a journey through song and experience. She believes music has an inexplicable effect on people. It is a place where she can share light and dark and the most vulnerable moments, with a clarity and genuine purpose that reassures her listeners through every word. She is a storyteller, and through this, reflects the world onto itself.

Five years after her last album was released—five years of growth, healing and head-down work— Leela’s fifth album will be released this year and she will be releasing it at Hugh’s Room Live in Spring 2019. It is more raw, more intimate and more Leela than anything you’ve heard from her before. Tickets on sale right now.

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David Newland CD Release

Friday, April 26, 2019 | 8:30pm

David Newland CD Release
Advance $25.00 / Door: $30.00 *

Featuring Inuit cultural performers Siqinuip Qilauta (Sunsdrum)

David Newland is a writer, musician and adventurer, and a familiar face at Hugh’s Room Live, as the longtime host and performer of the Gordon Lightfoot celebration The Way We Feel and many, many other events.

David’s musical presentation, Northbound: The Northwest Passage in Story and Song has been selling out venues across Canada for 3 years. The show has been recorded as a live album and David will be releasing the CD on this special night.

The Northbound! CD release will include stunning photos, video and original songs from David’s Arctic adventures. He’ll be joined by his band, Uncharted Waters (Saskia Tomkins, Sam Allison, Steafan Hannigan and Oisin Hannigan), featured performers, Siqiniup Qilauta—Sunsdrum, and special guests including Kirsten Jones, Alex Cheung, and more to perform Northbound in its entirety!

In November of 2015, David was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a distinction that reflects a lifelong engagement with landscape and story. David Newland’s last album, Give It A Whirl, (launched at Hugh’s Room in 2012) has been played on CBC and on roots radio shows from coast to coast.

It’s an honour to help launch David Newland’s latest record and hope that the entire city can join in us in celebrating its release.

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Danielle Knibbe CD Release

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 8:30PM

Danielle Knibbe
Advance $15.00 / Door $20.00 *

Blending folk, roots, and country sensibilities, Danielle Knibbe’s songs win, and then all too often, break your heart. There’s an intimacy and familiarity to her music; her stories may not be about you, but you’ll think they are.

Tackling topics like mental illness, loss, heartbreak, estrangement, and countless others, Danielle Knibbe has developed a following by being as genuine and open in her songwriting as she is onstage. Her songs invite the listener into what feels like an intimate conversation between friends. Her knack for penning insightful yet straightforward lyrics has already gained her recognition, earning her a spot at the Banff Centre for the Arts inaugural Singer-Songwriter Residency. Although she was one of the youngest songwriters in the program, she was given the nickname “The Lyric Doctor” due to her natural instinct for getting to the heart of a song.

Her new album The Ribcage & The Heart is full of examples of Danielle’s lyrical skill,with three of the songs having been selected for print in American Songwriter’s monthly lyric contest. This new album, mixed by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Basia Bulat) and featuring Fats Kaplin (John Prine, Jack White), showcases the depth, insight, passion, and potential of this up-and-coming songwriter.

Get your tickets immediately to the special CD release party by Danielle Knibbe.

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Steven Bowers CD Release with Mary Stewart

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 | 8:30pm

Steven Bowers CD Release with Mary Stewart
Advance $15 / Door $20 *

Steven Bowers
Steven Bowers writes songs that are as hooky as they are thoughtful, with a novelist’s grasp of the human condition, and a melody junkie’s thirst for pretty sounds. Born and raised in Newfoundland and living now on Vancouver Island, Bowers has just wrapped production of his fifth full length album, forthcoming in February 2019, produced by Jason Mingo and JUNO award-winning producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde, Black Mountain). His 2012 release, Beothuk Words, landed placements on TV shows such as CBC’s Heartland (Season 4, Episode 1), and in independent films such as Roaming (2013 Best Feature Film Winner, Canadian Independent Film Festival). His 2008 effort Homing received significant airplay on CBC, specialty and folk radio programs across Canada, and generated nominations for Folk Recording, Songwriter and Producer of the Year from 2008 Music Nova Scotia Awards along with a JUNO Showcase and an East Coast Music Award nomination for Folk Recording of the Year. He lives in Victoria, BC, with his wife and their daughter.

Elk Island Park was written and recorded over a 4 year span in various bedrooms and studios across Canada, with many parts recorded and e-mailed back and forth over long distance. It features backing vocals from Juno award winning songwriter Meaghan Smith on several songs (most notably on the post-apocalyptic Just You), along with appearances by Bowers long-time collaborators Dave Gunning, Jason Silverberg (Lennings), and Kev Corbett. During the time of production, Steven worked at a youth society on Treaty 6 territory in Edmonton. Several of the songs (Shelter, The Bear) were inspired by this time and recorded at the youth music studio. Title track Elk Island Park was written after a less-than-confident winter walk through the park with his newborn daughter. The final two tracks (Bad Friend, and lead single Future Ghosts) were recorded and produced by Colin Stewart, and feature Vancouver Island musicians Jaya Bremer (vocals/synth), Nick Mintenko (bass), and Andrew Pederson (drums).

Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart isn’t a singer songwriter. Well, she does sing and she likely writes more songs than anyone you’ve ever met, but if you’re picturing a sullen woman perched atop a wooden stool, playing depressing songs on her oversized acoustic, you’ve pegged her all wrong.

In fact, Mary has never sported an acoustic guitar during a live show and prefers to strum along on her Gretsch, singing clever pop songs, and sharing anecdotes about her love of baking, cats, and hopes of becoming Sidney Crosby’s wife.

My parents would bring me along to gigs because it was easier than finding a babysitter,” says Mary. She really didn’t stand a chance to fall in love with any career other than music.

At 16, Mary had her first recording experience and shared it with fellow New Glasgow native, George Canyon who has since become a long-standing supporter of Mary’s music.

Canyon isn’t the only heavyweight Mary has had the chance to work with. She’s opened for acts like Jill Barber, Wintersleep, Jenn Grant, and Blue Rodeo. A huge fan of Jim Cuddy, Mary giggles, “I almost wore a wedding dress on stage.

Among her many accolades, Mary was nominated for Music Nova Scotia’s Female Artist Recording of the year in 2009.

Mary currently uses Toronto as her stomping grounds, performing at famous venues like The Horseshoe Tavern, Hugh’s Room Live, The Drake and is rarely not on a bill somewhere. She recently played a packed show at Canadian Music Week and is gearing up for the release of her second album, Chances are I Like You.

The record is the result of a hugely successful yearlong project where Mary wrote one song each day, allowing website statistics and fan votes to dictate which of the 365 songs would make their way onto the album. Because of the unique conception, Mary says that the album doesn’t really have a conscious theme. Instead, it is a snapshot of a year – and not necessarily a good one.

The tunes have that gritty and wonderfully natural feel, but still rely heavily on Mary’s pop sensibilities that make her immediately pleasant to listen to, and we’re delighted to have her as the opening act to the CD Release of Steven Bowers here at Hugh’s Room Live in March.

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Cynthia Tauro CD Release

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | 8:30pm

Cynthia Tauro CD Release
Advance $15.00 / Door $20.00 *

Cynthia Tauro is a Toronto-based vocalist, pianist and composer who performs in a wide range of solo and collaborative projects. Born into a musical family, she has performed alongside jazz icons including Guido Basso, Terry Clarke, Bernie Senensky, and Robi Botos. Classically trained, Cynthia began to specialize in jazz in early years, and then branched out to Latin Jazz at Carleton University.

She was the first female leader of a host band in Le Petit Chicago’s 12-year history and continues to wow audiences with her original songs and creative covers at venues across the country.
In addition to her solo and quartet work, Cynthia is the keyboardist and backup vocalist of Harea Band, a six-piece pop-soul group based out of Ottawa. She also performs frequently with indie-pop outfit Little Scream (Dine Alone Records).  In 2016, Cynthia was the backup vocalist for ‘Comfortably Numb’,the only Canadian Pink Floyd Cover band to be recognized by Pink Floyd.  Cynthia also played keyboard for Orpheus Musical Theatre’s production of Mamma Mia in the summer of 2018.

She has entertained at a number of Canadian music festivals, including RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, CityFolk, TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, Canada 150’s Inspiration Village, and Riverfest Elora. Cynthia is ready and excited to release her upcoming album, March 1st 2019.  Recorded  Number 9 Audio Group in Toronto, some of  Canada’s finest musicians are featured on Cynthia’s album, ‘Moments’, produced by George Koller.

Cynthia feels as though each song on the album represents a part of her life. Made up of Cynthia’s jazz infused pop originals and jazz / latin standards, she feels as though this album represents where she is exactly at this point in time.

This March, Cynthia has chosen Hugh’s Room Live to unveil her latest album to the City of Toronto. Tickets available right now so don’t miss the chance to catch Cynthia in her debut performance on our stage.

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