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Mad Dogs and Englishmen: The Music of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell

Thursday, October 10, 2019 | 8:30pm

Lance Anderson Presents Mad Dogs and Englishmen: The Music of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell
$40 Advance / $45 Door

Juno Award-Winning producer Lance Anderson (Music From The Last Waltz, The Music of Ray Charles, Matchedash Parish) has brought together another wonderful roster of all stars from around the province. Featured singers include Chuck Jackson (The Downchild Blues Band) and Matt Weidinger (Lumberjunk), Cheryl Lescomb and the Gospel Sensations, Quisha Wint and Selena Evangeline, all of whom will take to the stage and recreate the magic of that award-winning 1970’s tour, album and movie of the same name.

Backed by a nine-piece band which includes two drummers (Michael Sloski,  The Cameo Blues Band) Shamakah Ali (The Barkays)) and percussionist (Art Avalos, Manteca), horns David Dunlop (Boss Brass), Simon Wallis. (Lighthouse), Hammond organ (Matt W), and piano (Anderson)  and guitar Terry Blersh, (Danny Brooks) and bass Howard Ayee, (Rough Trade), the rhythm this group creates is a freight train which will pick you up and drop you down at the Fillmore East in NYC.

They come together to celebrate the music that Joe Cocker and Leon Russell threw together to fulfill a tour that almost didn’t happen. Cocker’s English band was not allowed into America, so at the last minute he asked Russell to assemble a group of musical all stars for a tour. Joe asked the right man, as Leon was one of the most connected studio musicians and songwriters in L.A. Part of the ‘Wrecking Crew’.

Our Mad Dogs show is in that same all-star spirit.

During this two hour show you will hear the wonderful arrangements from not just Joe Cocker and Englishmen, but all the greatest music and musical arrangements of the legend, Leon Russell, including his famous arrangements of all your favourite hits by The Beatles.


* Advertised pricing excludes taxes and ticketing fees

Wintergarten Orchestra

Thursday, February 14, 2019 | 8:30pm

Wintergarten Orchestra
Advance $30 / Door $35 *

It’s Valentine’s Day.

For some, love is in the air. For others, not so much. Either way, escape the hallmark destinations and pair this crafted holiday with a night of live music. Wintergarten Orchestra is an eleven-piece ensemble that recreates the music of the twenties and thirties. It gives life to the night. If a little love seems far off, you’ll find it on the stage at Hugh’s Room Live on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended.

Genre: 1920’s and 1930’s popular songs from the USA, Berlin and Paris

Influences: Cab Calloway, Paul Whiteman, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Palast Orchestra

You’ll love this band if you’re a fan of  movies like The Great Gatsby, Some Like it Hot or television series such as Downton Abbey, Jeeves & Wooster and Boardwalk Empire.

* Advertised pricing excludes taxes and fees.