Message from Board Chair

August, 2018

Since we’ve opened on April 22, 2017, over 22,000 of you have joined us for one of the more than 200 concerts we’ve presented at Hugh’s Room Live.

We’ve been making steady progress in improving the way we operate – in numerous ways.

The feedback we’ve had from you ‑ on the quality of our shows, and the quality of your experience with us ‑ is increasingly very positive.

One of the many positives of our non-profit structure is that everything we do, and all of our resources, are focused on delivering the best music, and the best experience we can provide.

There are four areas which we have identified that we would appreciate your help:

  • We have about 30 employees, but no serious depth on our Board in Human Resources. Let me know if you have HR experience, and would be interested in participating on an HR committee, or chairing the committee, which would include participating on our Board of Directors.
  • Similarly, developing effective governance is a challenge: we’d like to add to the Board of Directors someone who has substantial experience in governance for not-for-profit organizations. Let me know if you’re that person.
  • We are applying for charitable registration, as a first step towards establishing a solid fundraising and sponsorship program. That will allow us to enhance the quality of what we do, find ways to provide support to developing the talented performers of the future, and, in due course, acquire our building. Without ownership we will always be far too vulnerable to market conditions. If you have fundraising or sponsorship experience and would be interested in volunteering, let me know.
  • Finally, cash flow is, for us, a seasonal issue: Strong fall and winter programming means good cash flow, but the summer months can be tough going. Our Summer Nights Festival is one way we’ve tried to address that. A number of individuals have stepped forward to provide us with loans to assist in cash flow. If you would like to join them, again, please let me know.

Your feedback is important to us, and is always welcome.

On behalf of our volunteers, staff and Board members, I thank you for your ongoing support and commitment  to Hugh’s Room Live.

Brian Iler