Why Become a Member of Hugh’s Room Live?


From the beginning of Hugh’s Room Live, the club has been a community hub.  There is nothing like sharing the excitement of a night of Stan Rogers songs as we all belt out the choruses at the top of our lungs or watching Laura Smith’s comeback as she jumps up and down with excitement to be playing Canada’s foremost listening room.  And there was a time when a valued member of the community needed financial help.  A wide variety of fabulous musicians offered their talents to fundraise for his family.  This is the shared community feeling that happens when you become part of the HRL community.  That’s the reason for joining our Membership Program.


Memberships offer a range of benefits to the member and his/her friends.

Becoming a member of a club is a great way to contribute to the club’s musical mission and help ensure that your favourite music club will be around and financially healthy. Attending a variety of special events just for members, will help us show our appreciation to those who have chosen to be part of our team and to tell you how much we appreciate your support.


We are offering a range of membership levels from Individual/Student memberships to Benefactor and Legacy levels.  Please refer to the brochure to select the membership level that most appeals to you.  The brochure outlines the benefits at each level and the cost.


Welcome to the HRL community!


Judith Laskin