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Mia Sheard’s Songs are Like Tattoos: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell * Postponed

April 25, 2020 @ 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Notice of Postponement Due to COVID-19

Monday, March 16, 2020

Like everyone else in the world, Hugh’s Room Live is closely monitoring the situation around the COVID-19 outbreak. Based on the information currently available, we have made the painfully difficult decision to postpone all shows through to the end of April, effective immediately.
If you have tickets for a postponed show, please watch for more information about rescheduling. We will notify every ticket holder when a new date and venue are found for each the shows on our calendar. If you are unable to attend a rescheduled show, we ask everyone to please consider their ticket purchase a donation to Hugh’s Room Live instead of requesting a refund. As a non-profit registered charity, we will gladly send you a tax receipt for the equivalent amount of your purchase.

Like so many art, culture and hospitality organizations, our artists and staff are struggling greatly during this time. We encourage everyone in our audience here to continue supporting live music wherever possible until we reach the other side of this pandemic that has so devastated the arts and culture of our society. We will of course be reevaluating our decision on a daily basis as we navigate the new circumstances around the pandemic, please know that your continued support, understanding and advocacy in the interim will add much-needed sustainability to our venue and industry at large. Thank you.

Friday, April 25, 2020 | Saturday, April 26, 2020

Mia Sheard’s Songs are Like Tattoos: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell 
Featuring Mia Sheard, Tony Dekker, Harmony Trowbridge, Brian MacMillan, Ryan Granville-Martin, Joel Schwartz, Chris Gartner, Robbie Grunwald
Advance $30 / Door $35*

Doors: 6:00pm
Performance: 8:30

“I wouldn’t have pursued music but for trouble,” Joni Mitchell once said. Mitchell was referring to real problems — her childhood time spent bedridden with polio and the life-shaping loss she experienced after giving her daughter up for adoption in 1965. Those events solidified the drive that pushed Mitchell forward from small-potatoes rural Canada toward the American meccas where she would prove to be the magnet shifting the needle of pop. But trouble, in all its manifestations, is also Mitchell’s muse.

Call it her craving for innovation, or her refusal to rest in comforting clichés; call it the essence that makes her a secret sharer for millions of listeners’ and most musicians’ daunting standard-bearer. Trouble is Mitchell’s jazz, the blasted-open space that can feel like a void but is also the real ground of possibility. It rings through her famous open guitar tunings and surfaces in the way her foot worries a piano pedal. It’s in the impossible careening of her young soprano and the cracked resonance of the lower tones that came later. To become preoccupied with Joni Mitchell’s music, whether as a fellow musician or as a serious fan, is to welcome trouble as a friend, as the challenge that animates life. Her songs ask us to live within trouble, to see the mirrors embedded in its cracks: the trouble we make, the trouble that waylays us, that makes a nest that we then fill with more trouble because we are made of it, too.

Perhaps one reason Mitchell’s music is so often the subject of tributes is its open-ended quality. It makes room for others to take risks; in fact, it demands that they do. Join us on May 8 as we gather at Hugh’s Room Live to experience a roster of outstanding musicians as they put their own twist on the songs by Joni you know and love. Due to popular demand, a second night has been added on Saturday, April 26. Tickets for both shows available right now.

* Advertised pricing excludes taxes, ticketing and sustainability fees.

* Ticket Price: $30.00
* Service Fee: $4.00
* Sustainability Fee: $5.00
* HST: $5.07

* Total Ticket Price: $44.07