Chef Adrian Watson

What got you interested in food?

Growing up in a small town in Jamaica with my grandfather close by, I would watch him cook meals like jerk chicken for our entire neighborhood each weekend. I saw how happy it made him and our neighbors. My whole family enjoyed cooking so it was just natural me for me to fall in love with the food industry. 

What’s your favourite meal?

Generally speaking, I love cooking fish. I spent five years in the kitchen at The Chase and loved getting to cook some of the best seafood available in this city. However, my favorite meal to cook would be the dish that won my wife’s heart, and that would be Seafood Alfredo.

What brought you to Hugh’s Room Live?

In short, Mary Stewart. Ha! Since joining the operation, I feel like I’m finally part of a united team. Our team is inclusive. We respect each other and this club so deeply that open conversation and constructive criticism is constantly shared and encouraged. That’s important to me. It’s how we grow in this industry.

I hope to bring my passion, skills and creativity to Hugh’s Room Live so that we can continue building our venue and its reputation as a mighty force in the music scene. I’m excited to be here with this amazing team and eager to see how far we can take this place.