Archived Updates – January 2017

January 20, 2017

Hugh’s Room regrets that, due to its current restructuring, we are going to have to cancel or reschedule, all shows in February.

A committee has been meeting regularly to determine the best path forward. Much progress has been made and it is the goal of that committee to reopen Hugh’s Room in March.

We are continuing to work through the present difficulties and ensure that the entire Hugh’s Room community is considered in any plans to move forward.

January 12, 2017

 A committee has been struck and yesterday met to explore ways to restructure and make Hugh’s Room work in the future.

The focus is squarely on several priorities:

  • Re-opening the doors as soon as possible
  • Developing a business plan to ensure Hugh’s Room is successful going forward


  • making sure that the three communities: Staff, Artists and Audience members –  who are the backbone of Hugh’s Room’s success over the past 16 years – are fairly treated

There are plans for Hugh’s Room to move forward under proposed community-ownership structure and the will is strong to make that happen sooner than later.

Spokesperson for this committee is Grit Laskin, Member of the Order of Canada, who has been one of Hugh’s Room’s strongest supporters through the years. 

We will continue to inform everyone as further decisions and progress are made.


January 11, 2017:  Jan Kudelka presents Janis Joplin’s Birthday Bash has changed venues

The Janis Joplin Birthday Bash will be held at the TRANZAC, 292 Brunswick Avenue on January 18.  All tickets purchased through Hugh’s Room will be honoured at the TRANZAC. $25 to $35  According to Means and Satisfaction. Cash at the Door.

January 9, 2017: We have received a tremendous amount of good will and support over the past few days and we’re working on finding ways where we may be able to garner that support. It certainly has given us some encouragement that we may be able to move forward and continue in the ways where many people – performers, audience, and staff – have been touched by the room over the past 17 years.  

January 8, 2017: To all our supporters – performers, audience, and staff – I am sincerely sorry to have to say that Hugh’s Room has reached a point of insolvency. More information will be available over the next few days as to how we can proceed from here, but at this time we are closing our doors until we can see what options are available to us.