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Jane Harbury presents Discoveries

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May 28, 2013 @ 8:30 pm

$15 - $17

Now in its ninth year DISCOVERIES owes a great deal to Hugh’s Room which continues to partner with us as we showcase yet another very eclectic group of artists, most of whom are just beginning their creative journeys.  The concept is a simple one, (none of these artists is yet able to fill the room on their own, although we have confidence that each one will get to that point) bring four talents together, give each 30 minutes on stage and have each one bring out their fans, family and friends.  Suddenly you have a full room and everyone present cheers on their artist and in the process discovers new talent to support in the future.


MELANIE BRULÉE “A delightful, slightly twisted cabaret-pop solo debut…written through the lens of a woman who knows who she is and perhaps even knows what she wants.” New Canadian Music.

Melanie Brulée sounds like Edith Piaf and Eartha Kitt walking down a cobblestone road in Paris in high heels while Stevie Nicks and Serena Ryder ride past on vintage bicycles.

Her debut solo release, Sucré/Salé, is a 5-track EP which includes lyrics in French and in English and has been described as “quirky and inventive…with instrumentation that adds Euro flair.”  ‘Wonder’, was chosen as a theme song for a play- “Mister Baxter” (Quickening Theatre)- in which Melanie performed original music at Theatre Passe Muraille.

Two of Melanie’s tracks are on the just-released  Ladies In Waiting  compilation album “Lovesick”. She is one of the founding members of the collective group whose mandate is to inspire, support, and present new independent musical creations and to provide other musicians and artists with a platform where they too can do the same. www.melaniebrulee.com

Melanie Brulée started late but is making up for lost time — she didn’t pick up a guitar until she was 21.  Her teachers were fellow travelers and nomads, lending her their guitars and helping tune the strings while busking on the streets of small Australian towns.  She has carried these roots with her ever since, and she now exudes a confidence onstage that can only come from being exposed to elements and variables that buskers have to live with.  ”I grew up as an only child for my formative years and I think that made me more at ease in  public spaces,” she says now. “Really, who am I kidding? ‘Hey, look at me!’ were probably my first words,” she’ll tell you matter-of-factly.   After turning 21 she spent the better part of the next seven years between her hometown of Cornwall, Ontario and the rainforests outside of Byron Bay, Australia where she formed folk-pop-rock trio General Electryk, as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

Back and forth between Canada and Australia, the reformed General Electryk featured Melanie with Australian drummer and producer Angus Donnelly, Ontario bass player Jason Ryan, Cornwall-born lead guitarist Marc D. Muir and Moroccan percussionist Noureddine Ismag. The band supported  Chantal Kreviazuk at Cornwall’s Lift Off Festival in 2010 — and  a year later Melanie earned the award for “Musician of the Year” honours in Cornwall.  General Electryk’s  debut album “Petty Little Things,”  produced by Glenn Forrester (Sarah Slean, Barstool Prophets, Enter the Haggis) was released in October 2010 – later most of the tracks were reissued  on 12” vinyl in February 2012.


AUGUSTA CAMPOLI was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1999.  Like most children, Augusta began singing and dancing at a very early age around the house to various children’s television programs such as Barney.  At the age of six, her parents recognized her love for singing and dancing and signed her up for lessons.

In 2006, Augusta auditioned and was accepted to the Upper Canada Chorus.  In a CBC competition held in 2007, the Upper Canada Chorus placed first in Ontario and was rated among the top five Choirs in Canada. During her two year tenure with the Upper Canada Chorus she had the privilege of performing with the cast members of Cats, Mama Mia, Dirty Dancing and on three separate occasions at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts.

Augusta at this very young age then ventured into taking on different roles in musical theatre such as Beauty and the Beast, High School Musical and Guys and Dolls. At the age of 12 Augusta entered the American Protégé Competition and placed first where she was awarded the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City not once, but on 2 occasions.

Although it appeared that Augusta was well on her way to a successful career in classical and theatre music, it seemed that every time she picked up her guitar and began playing her heart sang out a different style of music.  It seems that Augusta fell in love with the story telling characteristic of Country Music.  Augusta’s love for country music has not stopped at just singing.  Combined with her love for storey writing, she has taken pen to paper and has been involved in writing and co-writing a few songs which she plans to record in the near future. Some of Augusta’s musical influences are Shania Twain, Leann Rimes & Rascal Flatts.

In 2010, Augusta ventured to North Bay Ontario to compete in the Northern Ontario Country Singing Competition.  She placed 8th overall and the judges suggested that she should maybe consider classical and theatre music and certainly not Country.  Augusta considered the judges’ comments, however, her love for country music drove her to work even harder at establishing her country sound.  The following year in 2011, Augusta returned to North Bay and competed in the competition again.  Only this time she place 1st overall.

Augusta is mature and well beyond her years, especially when she hits the stage. You can immediately tell that this is where she is meant to be.  Augusta at the age of thirteen demonstrates soaring energy and a glowing personality who truly is a rising star in country music. Now with much confidence, Augusta continues to pursue her brand of Country Music and is currently working with producer Zack Werner, former Canadian Idol Judge



“Draw a line in the sand and promise yourself that if you cross that line there will be no turning back.“

For singer/songwriter Brad Fillatre,crossing that line was symbolic of a promise he kept to never give up. The result: a collection of songs reflecting his truth, life, love and loss from years spent tirelessly pursuing his craft.

Brad was born in the small town of Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  Made up of endless forests, dark mountain terrain and a rugged North Atlantic coastline,it was these intense landscapes that ingrained themselves into the fabric of Brad’s creative consciousness.With much of his early life spent traveling the province alongside his mother and father as they tended to their funeral business, the significance of the west coast of Newfoundland on Brad’s music was monumental, “The mountains, ocean, vast emptiness and harsh climate affect you,” Fillatre reflects, “that environment is magical, and foreboding. It casts energy that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.” From an early age, Brad gravitated toward music.  Whether it was the old piano in his grandmother’s house or a guitar on display, his unwavering curiositypersuadedthe purchase ofhis first guitar by his mother. It was from this moment on that Brad would take over the small shed nestled within the trees of his backyard and begin to nurture his abilities. First on the agenda, a mastering of Metallica songs! However, not having much luck as a technical guitar virtuoso, Brad turned his focus to coming up with his own material.  “I always looked at the guitar as a means to express myself.  Initially there was some interest in learning other people’s material but it soon became an obsession to createmy own music and to hone the skills of being a great songwriter. My dream became this, and this only.”The shed would become a significant space for Brad.  A place of solace, it was where he began timidly writing his first songs, jamming with friends, and where he formed his first bands.

The Evelyn Room was molded from these very sessions with close friends and musical peers.  A band whose sound developed out of a heightened interest in instrumental andatmospheric music, The Evelyn Room drew comparisons to bands such as Iceland’s Sigur Ros’ and Radiohead.The Evelyn Roomwas the playground for Brad’s maturing talents, as he uncovered sounds and styles of music that would greatly influence his writing in years to come. This was also Brad’s first attempt at being the singer in a band.  “I don’t think I would have defined myself as a “singer” at the time but I was definitely learning, putting myself out there and trying …even if my talent hadnot caught up to my ambition. I had also gained enough experience by then and wasbeginning to understand that relying on others to realize my own aspirations might bedoubtful.”The Evelyn Roomplayed shows in Corner Brook,and on occasion made the eight-hour drive toSt. John’s, performing to small yet surprisingly receptive crowds. Most notably, one of these shows came in the form of an invitation to play at the International Sound Symposium. The event offeredBrad a new sense of encouragement and remainsa highlightof his early carrier in Newfoundland.

It was perhaps this new sense of confidence that facilitated Brad’s decision torelocate to Toronto during the summer of 2005.  It was time to focus allof his energy on a potential musical career, despite apprehension or distance.With a collection of songs already written, Brad banded together some othernewly relocated Newfoundlanders and formedthe second incarnation of The Evelyn Room.He then recorded an independently released self-titledEPin 2008.

Off the strength of the EP and their intensely charismatic live show,The Evelyn Room went on to showcase at NXNE in 2009 and made the short list of top 60 bands to watch for that year. In addition, 2009 brought the band several nominations at the XM Radio Verge Awards, which resulted in radio play for both live and recorded performances. This drew far-reaching sales from places likeCalifornia, the UK, South America, and even Australia proving the music itself could draw fans worldwide.  That same year, Brad had begun to amass a collection of songs that didn’t quite fit the mold of The Evelyn Room’s heavier rock sound. Unsure about going out on his own he began to collaborate with others, trying to make sense of what to do next. Then finally in 2011 he decided it was time to try something new, to record an album on his own.

In February 2011 Brad began to record and produce the songs to be featured on his first solo effort  For Your Weakness at Orchard Studio in Huttonville, Ontario. He enlisted the help of Adam Ferri to engineer and mix. With a lifetime of influences including; Radiohead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, and U2, For Your Weakness provides listeners with a unique emotive auditory experience.  Remaining true to his core, Brad’s songwriting resonates a raw emotion, a blending of sounds that bring his east coast upbringing into the mix. Spectral vocal reverberations are layered with swooping electric guitar, thumping percussive displays echo alongside the subtleties of a refreshing vocal tone and lyrically honest perspective. For Your Weakness is not only heartfelt but also heartbreakingly beautiful and rings hopeful in its delivery. Brad is unsure of the response his debut solo effort will garner, but he is excited to send these songs off into the world and begin this new chapter.The six song EP was released last fall on Sparks Music and Universal Music Canada.


ZOE SKY JORDAN  is a Toronto based indie pop singer-songwriter. Deeply informed by Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell, Sky Jordan often draws comparisons to Emily Haines and Regina Spektor. Her debut solo release ‘Restless, Unfocused’ features textured, haunting vocals with inventive yet accessible hooks. Zoe’s introspective and photographic lyrics, display a maturity and confidence beyond her 22 years. Her songs have been placed in shows such as Degrassi: TNG, HBO’s Less than Kind and Lost Girl. In addition to her solo work, Zoe co-fronts a band with singer-songwriter Colleen Dauncey called ‘Petty Victories’. The girls have become known for their intertwining melodies, rich harmonies and dynamic live shows. Their first full-length album ‘Wait it out’ slated for released in early 2013.


May 28, 2013
8:30 pm
$15 - $17
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